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Oyasumi nasai

Haih.. Malam yang pendek di Jepun.
Subuhnya jam 2.50 pagi.
Waktu Malaysia 11.00 malam. Di sini pula sudah 12.00 tgh mlm.
Selamat malam. Harap2 bangunlah sahur kul 2. Hewhew







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Palestine no tame ni

Just called home.

Mom said Dad and her had transferred some fund for Palestine via Aman Palestin. Alhamdulillah.. They started to get aware of the issue. Mom and Dad also said they stopped going to McDonald’s. Yeah!

Some times ago it was hard to tell Mom to stop buying McFlurry. Because there’s nowhere else we can find McFlurry. I think it’s a good business opportunity for Malays to innovate a new ice-cream flavour and packaging. Just like how unique food looks here in Japan. Haha~

12:30 AM, 16th July, 2014.
Noda-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan.

Kadangkala bersendirian itu buat hati jauh lebih bersih.
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Story of Palestine Gaza!!


[Exclusive] Al-Qassam Nasyeed Video by Hijjaz

Heroes never have time to check on Tumblr, but yeah, this one is dedicated for all of al-Qassam and Palestine fighters.


From Indonesia with love : “SAVE PALESTINE, SAVE GAZA!”

Taken at Bundaran HI, Jakarta - Friday, July 11th 2014.

Watch the full video here : Pro Palestine Rally in Jakarta


Don’t act like you care; if you care, act. 
— Abu Usamah as-Sumalee


Don’t act like you care; if you care, act. 

— Abu Usamah as-Sumalee

Pray for Palestine at the time of Iftar.

Your Dua’s are accepted more readily than before.

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hebatnya mereka :’(

How you love your home, is how they love theirs.

My grandmother once told me a story that happened with her in Gaza, Palestine.

"Our house was one of the oldest houses in Palestine. Tourists used to come to our house and take pictures in it. We had the choice of selling the house and becoming very wealthy, but the love we had for this house prevented us from doing so. One day, while sitting at home peacefully. An Israeli military squad surrounded our house all of the sudden. They pushed the door open and rushed through the house aggressively. They pointed their M16s at everyone and forced us to put our hands up and get on the ground. We were mostly Muslim women and we didn’t even have time to put ON OUR HIJABS! We were all scared and couldn’t believe this was happening. They picked up my son, Mohamed. Hit him in front of my own eyes and the captain told him “You have 15 minutes to evacuate the place, and if you do so not, we will collapse the house on you and your family.” Mohamed said “Why?!?! What do you want from the house??!? And 15 minutes?!?! I’m the only man here, my father is an old man, and it’s a huge house!” The Captain let him go and said “You have 15 minutes.” And left.

The entire squad followed the captain outside and stood outside the house. Mohamed looked out side the window and was heartbroken to see the bulldozers coming towards him and his family. He told all the women to leave. I told him while crying “How will you carry the furniture outside alone? Leave the furniture, come outside with us and leave the furniture now!” 
Mohamed said “I will not carry the furniture alone.” He ran upstairs to the roof of the house, saw all the neighbours staring at this from their windows and yelled out at the top of his lungs like a lion “My brothers, my neighbours, I need your help! I have 15 minutes to evacuate this place and I can not do it alone. To all the real men out there! Come and help me!”

Two minutes later the house was filled with Palestinian men, and the house was empty within 5 minutes. I stood outside watching the bulldozers coming closer and closer. My son and the neighbours tried to stop them or to reach to a conclusion verbally to why this is happening but they failed. The bulldozer stopped in-front of the beloved house that I grew up in, and started smashing it. Every hit the house toke, it was as if my heart was also being hit. But there was nothing we could do. The house become into pieces.

After they finished demolishing the house. The captain looked at us crying and had the nerves to say “Now arrest them.” I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It became a huge fight between the neighbours and the soldiers. But the soldiers were able to get us in their military jeeps and took us to their station.

They divided us, and I was alone. I didn’t know what was happening to my husband, and son. A soldier came in, started asking me for random information and said something dirty to me which disgusted me. I spat in his face. He was not happy. He got angry, he hit me, and broke my front teeth. I fell unconscious from the amount of blood I lost. Woke up beside my son and husband. I was happy to see them. However, they were both tortured and Mohamed also lost a serious amount of blood from the torture. We went to our neighbourhood, said goodbye to the our demolished house, and started our journey of finding a place to sleep in.”

This happened yesterday, and it is happening now as you’re reading this, and will happen tomorrow. Palestinian homes are being demolished DAILY by the israeli military for the sake of building Israeli settlements instead.

May God bless your soul Grandmother, such a legend you were. May God give you strength Uncle Mohamed for men like you are very few. May God aid and support every Palestinian family who lost their homes and have no where to stay. And may God give victory to every human being around the world who is going through an oppression by heartless oppressors.

Here’s the thing. I’m not an angel..

I’m not an angel

So why do you bother telling me things you do

I don’t even record deeds.

You’re annoying both on Facebook and face-to-face.